Statement From New York Press Club President Jane Tillman Irving on Recent Attempted Bombings

The NYPC applauds the work of the NYPD, the FBI, the DOJ, and ATF and all other law
enforcement agencies involved in the investigation into the recent attempted

Though we may now have a diminished physical threat, the danger of violence
stemming from discord in our national dialogue remains. We, therefore, call for action
among those of us charged with protection of the First Amendment.

Let us use this series of incidents to bring an end to the divisiveness and to begin a
conversation about the right to free speech and a free press, even when disagreement

The New York Press Club asks those leading media agencies and all government
officials to take the first steps toward this goal to prevent tragedy going forward.
We ask all those in the public domain to refrain from using any language that
promotes violence.

October 27, 2018