Privacy Policy

The New York Press Club collects no personally identifying information from or about you except when you knowingly provide it, for example, when filling-out and sending a “Contact” or “Join” form. We do not place “cookies” or any other kind of file onto your computer nor do we collect any information from your computer, except as noted above.


All email lists maintained by us contain only the information you have voluntarily provided, usually in the course of seeking information, products, or services from us. These email addresses are not sold, rented, disclosed or shared with any third-party. From time to time we may send emails to you, for informational, marketing, or other purposes. These emails may contain information provided by third parties that, in our opinion, would be of interest and value to you. Such emails will be sent only by us and not by any third-party.

NOTE: if you choose to respond directly to a third-party, your email address will become known to that third party and will no longer receive the privacy protections we provide.

You may opt out of receiving email from us by using the contact form provided. The New York Press Club seeks to require third-parties with whom we have agreements to follow appropriate privacy policies but we cannot and do not bear responsibility for third-party actions or policies.


The New York Press Club may also offer e-commerce services on this site. If you use one of these services, you will be asked to provide personal information such as your name, address and credit card number. This type of information is routinely necessary as part of a purchase process and allows us to process and fulfill your order and notify you of its status.

The New York Press Club makes all reasonable and appropriate efforts to ensure the privacy and accuracy of this sensitive information. For example, all of our vendors use, at a minimum, the industry standard known as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to encrypt sensitive information between your browser and our associates’ servers. The New York Press Club will monitor and adopt, as appropriate, new technologies designed to further ensure the accuracy and privacy of your information.

In Memoriam

Peter O. E. Bekker

The New York Press Club is indebted to Peter O. E. Bekker, former administrator, techie-in-residence, creator of its first website, and good friend. Our new website has been underwritten by Fred Bekker in memory of his brother’s enduring legacy.


An underwriter of Press Club’s Awards for Journalism ceremony and our Foundation’s annual Holiday Party for charity. Con Edison Inc. has been supplying the energy that powers New York for more than 180 years.

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