The New York Press Club is an association of and for working journalists and media professionals. The club is a private, non-profit organization and is not affiliated with any government office or agency and does not advocate or participate in any political activity.


The New York Press Club is a professional organization of members and former members of the news media. It devotes its efforts to meeting the needs and interests of professional journalists and those in related fields, as well as providing public service to the community.

The club was founded more than 100 years ago, reorganizing in July of 1948 as the New York Newspaper Reporters Association. Today, its membership includes professionals from all types of news organizations including the Web, television, radio, wire services, daily newspapers, weekly and monthly publications, as well as professionals from the fields of communications, public relations and public affairs.

Mission Statement

The New York Press Club works to protect the rights of all reporters while providing networking opportunities for journalists and communications specialists to discuss professional issues and affect change.

Lectures, panel discussions, ‘newsmaker’ appearances and other NYPC-sponsored functions have covered such topics as threats to freedom of the press, the various threats to investigative reporting, the relationship between the media and government, the role of community newspapers, foreign press coverage of the city of New York and questions about how the press covers itself.

The annual New York Press Club Journalism Awards are a long-standing tradition in New York media, honoring excellence in journalism by writers and reporters who are recognized as being among the best in their fields. The Awards and Installation Dinner, at which the year’s awards are formally presented is a highlight on many social calendars.

Our annual Journalism Conference, traditionally staged in conjunction with a local university, has long been recognized as the premier event of its kind in metro New York. In addition to numerous conference tracks and break-outs that feature respected working journalists and academics, the conference offers other elements of useful interest to all ranks: students, journeymen and women and grizzled veterans.

The opportunities, professional and otherwise, of membership in the New York Press Club are boundless, regulated only by the enthusiasm and energy of individual members.

Officers, Governors, and Trustees:


David Cruz

First Vice President
George Bodarky

Second Vice President

Mitch Lebe

Debra Toppeta

Corresponding Secretary


Stephani Shelton

Winnie Hu

Beth Karas

Philip O’Brien

Debra Caruso Marrone

Ethan Harp

Brittany Kriegstein

Chandra Bozelko


Larry Seary

Jane Tillman Irving

Mike Clendenin

View Past Presidents

Past Presidents

  • 1948 William J. Keegan New York Post
  • 1949 Anthony Marino New York Daily News
  • 1950 Alfred E Clark New York Times
  • 1951 Joseph Endler New York Herald Tribune
  • 1952 Rodney “Budd” Stahl New York Mirror
  • 1953 Frank Engle Fairchild Publications
  • 1954 Syd Livingston New York Journal American
  • 1955 Raymond Doyle American Weekly
  • 1956 James Ritchie Associated Press
  • 1957 Arthur Rosenfeld New York Post
  • 1958 James C O’Connor New York Mirror
  • 1959 Thomas D Zumbo UPI
  • 1960 Edward Kirkman New York Daily News
  • 1961 James Antone Fairchild Publications
  • 1962 Harry Singer New York Mirror
  • 1963 Robert Mindlin Long Island Press
  • 1964 Charles Grutzner New York Times
  • 1965 Harold Phelan World-Telegram and Sun
  • 1966 George Douris Long Island Star-Journal
  • 1967 Gus Engelman WABC-AM
  • 1968-69 Thomas Poster New York Post
  • 1970 John San Antonio Long Island Press
  • 1971-72 John Shanahan Associated Press
  • 1973 Pati Davis UPI
  • 1973-74 John Mulligan Associated Press
  • 1975-76 Patrick Muldowney WABC-TV
  • 1977 Joe Bragg WHN
  • 1978-79 Vincent Lee New York Daily News
  • 1980-81 Mark Lieberman New York Daily News
  • 1982-83 Len Buder New York Times
  • 1984 Jerry Schmetterer CNN
  • 1985-86 Marcia Kramer New York Daily News
  • 1987 Mitch Lebe WYNY
  • 1988 Larry Sutton New York Daily News
  • 1989-91 Larry Celona New York Daily News
  • 1991-93 Harry Ryttenberg WNBC
  • 1993-95 Phil O’Brien NY1 News
  • 1995-97 Deborah Wetzel WCBS-FM
  • 1997-00 Gabe Pressman WNBC
  • 2000-03 Carol Ann Riddel WNBC
  • 2003-2006 Rich Lamb WCBS 880
  • 2006-2009 Stephannia Cleaton Staten Island Advance
  • 2009-2012 Glenn Schuck Metro Networks
  • 2012-2015 Larry Seary WNBC (retired)
  • 2015-2018 Steve Scott WCBS Newsradio 880
  • 2018-2021 Jane Tillman Irving WCBS Newsradio 880 (retired)
  • 2021-2024 Debra Toppeta www.womanaroundtown.com
  • 2024-present David Cruz Newsday

In Memoriam

Peter O. E. Bekker

The New York Press Club is indebted to Peter O. E. Bekker, former administrator, techie-in-residence, and good friend. Our new website has been underwritten by Fred Bekker in memory of his brother’s enduring legacy.


An underwriter of Press Club’s Awards for Journalism ceremony and our Foundation’s annual Holiday Party for charity. Con Edison Inc. has been supplying the energy that powers New York for more than 180 years.

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