Statement From The New York Press Club Regarding Police Attacks on Journalists


Journalists, and journalism, are under attack.

Here in New York City and across the country, reporters covering the police killing of George Floyd and the protests that followed have been arrested and assaulted by law enforcement, even after identifying themselves as members of the press.

Weapons of crowd control, including rubber bullets, have been used. One freelance photographer working in Minneapolis reportedly will lose sight in one eye.

The New York Press Club condemns the actions of law enforcement  in these situations and calls for a full investigation.

Our job is to find the truth and present it, our freedom to do so guaranteed by the Constitution. It is a cornerstone of American democracy.

Our press passes permit us to go behind police lines in order to do our job, and the New York Press Club stands by our fellow journalists in their determination to carry out that duty. We, and they, will not be deterred.

Jane Tillman Irving
The New York Press Club