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GRAPHIC Mike Ludlum, a long-time member of the New York Press Club, spent most of his broadcast career in New York City where he worked in radio and television at both the local and network levels. During his more than 20 years at CBS, he served in many different capacities including director of broadcasting at WCBS Newsradio 880 and as the station's director of news and programming. He later supervised all news operations at the CBS owned-and-operated stations as national executive editor.

During his years CBS and at ABC, Mike was involved in coverage of such stories as the assassinations of Robert F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr., the Johnson presidency, the end of the Vietnam War, the Watergate scandal, the Iran hostage crisis and many other events, from election campaigns to presidential inaugurations.

Leaving broadcasting in 1987, Mike went into academia at NYU, teaching journalism there for more than 20 years.

According to a family member, Mike died on Sunday, November 29th, of complications of a debilitating illness. He was 78.

New York Press Club Foundation Holiday Party
Holiday Party Monday, December 7th
The View
Marriott Hotel - Times Square
6:30 - 9:30 p.m.

Get your spin on at this year's New York Press Club Foundation Holiday Party. We'll convene high atop the Marriott Hotel in Times Square, in the revolving restaurant. A terrific venue for a great event. (Access from the 3rd floor).

Join colleagues and friends for a festive evening and brighten the holidays for a disadvantaged New York City youngster by bringing with you an unwrapped gift.

Menu - Click to See What's Cooking

Hors d’Oeurves – Butler Passed – 2 Hot & 2 Cold
Artisanal Local Cheeses
Fresh compotes and preserves

Served With Ponzu Sauce, Hot Mustard and Sriracha Chili
Chicken Lemongrass Pot Sticker
Vegetable and Chive Dumpling

Whole Roasted Tenderloin
Brie Creamed Spinach
Steak Sauce Demi

Prepared to Order
Penne á la Vodka Sauce

Selection of Mini Pastries, Cookies and Biscuits

Coffee, Decaffeinated Coffee and Tea

Wines: House Red & White
Beers: Heineken, Budweiser, Coors Light, Sam Adams, Amstel Light, Michelob Ultra, St. Pauli Girl
No Alcohol: Soft Drinks, Juice, Mineral Water

Cordials, champagne, frozen/specialty drinks available at additional charge

Kindly RSVP before December 6th - Same cost as last year:
Members $50Student Members $25Non-Members $75
NY Life Holiday Party underwriting provided by
ConEdison, Inc.
GRAPHIC The New York Press Club is calling on presidential candidate Donald Trump to apologize to New York Times reporter Serge Kovaleski, for seemingly mocking the journalist's physical disability. We find Donald Trump's disavowal of the bullying taunt unconvincing. Mr. Trump on Thursday said, “I merely mimicked what I thought would be a flustered reporter trying to get out of a statement he made long ago.”

Press Club president Steve Scott observes, "There is a time-honored tradition of politicians sparring with journalists, but Mr. Trump has crossed a line. His cruel, childish, on-stage imitation of Mr. Kovaleski, which included the use of jerking arms and an affected voice, is an insulting personal attack that simply cannot be condoned.

"Mr. Trump's actions should come as an affront, not only to persons with disabilities, but all persons. It's okay to disagree with a journalist's reporting; it's not okay to mock that journalist's appearance or disability.

"As an organization made up of working journalists, the New York Press Club takes no position on Donald Trump's candidacy. But, we do take issue with Mr. Trump's mocking personal insult to a fellow journalist, and we call on him to personally apologize to Mr. Kovaleski."

Steve Scott, President
The New York Press Club

GRAPHIC A reminder that Press Club memberships for the coming year are renewed each January. Memberships can conveniently be renewed on this website using a credit/debit card or PayPal. Potential new members of the Press Club are invited to join by applying here.

informed sources
Was news director and director of broadcasting at WCBS Newsrario 880 and national executive editor of the CBS O&Os. Most recently taught journalism at NYU. (The New York Press Club)

“Tribune Publishing remains committed to its strategy and transformation plan and is not engaged in discussions or a process to sell the company.” (The Wrap)

If Donald Trump believes that he saw what he says he saw, is he lying? (Washington Post)

The NUJ says the targets will undermine public interest journalism and encourage so-called “clickbait”. (HoldTheFrontPage)

"The explosion of information about adaptation is not always well organized or easily available to reporters. So we’ve gathered, categorized, and made searchable more than 200 sources on climate change and adaptation." (Reynolds Journalism Institute)

Reader’s Digest, the magazine, is still Reader’s Digest. But the venerable Reader’s Digest Association has been rechristened Trusted Media Brands Inc. (Poynter)

Is Rupert right? (Politico)

Schultz had a long, distinguished career in the TV news business starting as CNN's first senior White House producer in 1980. (Washington Post (obits))

Newspaper owner and noted Twitter user Rupert Murdoch is hearing that the Los Angeles Times newspaper is about to change hands. (CNN Money)

Police released the dash-cam video on Tuesday of an officer shooting 17-year-old McDonald, who was killed in October. (CNN)

A bitter battle to control the fortune of ailing billionaire Sumner Redstone escalated when the media mogul's ex-girlfriend filed a lawsuit alleging that he is mentally impaired and unable to make decisions. (Los Angeles Times)

The magazine’s latest numbers indicate that the sudden glut of pageviews wasn’t a fluke. (Poynter)

Representatives of paper acquired video that had previously been encrypted by police and then insisted hard disk was destroyed, claims witness. (The Guardian)

With dozens of veteran Los Angeles Times journalists cleaning out their desks this week, the magnitude of the experience leaving the building is coming home to people, inside and outside the paper. (LAObserved)

“We’re doing it now with more resources and we have a lot of patience for that job.” (NiemanLab)

Pair will moderate two primary debates in the coming weeks, both from New Hampshire, site of the first-in-the-nation primary. (TVNewser)

To be edited by Patrick Appel, who announced his new gig in a farewell email to employees of POLITICO, where he served as digital editor of POLITICO Magazine until Friday. (Politico)

Massachusetts murder trial judge ordered the TV cameras removed after television stations broke courtroom rules he laid out and reminded the press of at the start of trial. (The Salem News)

An assistant managing editor currently overseeing audience development will take control of its video department. (New York Times)

In the face of threatened legal action from the football star Jameis Winston, CNN did not back away from broadcasting “The Hunting Ground,” a documentary about sexual assault on college campuses. (New York Times)

Several broadcast networks are conferring on a possible response to recent actions by the Donald Trump campaign to insist that reporters covering its events remain confined to a holding pen, according to three television news sources. (Washington Post)

"Elise Labott’s crime wasn’t that she expressed an opinion. It’s that she expressed the wrong opinion." (Glenn Greenwald)

In the 2016 political race, a dark horse is advancing without much notice. Digital advertising is poised to challenge the long dominance of local broadcast in sucking up campaign dollars. (Poynter)

At the New York Times, a few hundred people whose comments are posted without moderation can end up dominating the reader commenting system. (New York Times)

As NPR came of age in the 1980s, its audience matured with it. Three decades later, that is starting to look like a problem. (Washington Post)

Jason Rezaian, a Washington Post reporter who has been held by the government of Iran for the past 16 months and was convicted on espionage charges last month, has been sentenced to a prison term. (Washington Post)

Citing anonymous sources... (Washington Post)

City Room, along with other blogs the paper launched at around the same time, played a big part in evolving the Times’ approach to digital journalism. (NiemanLab)

Global news site Quartz wants to overhaul how it hires global talent. (DigiDay)

A series of personalized, digital business publications in nine U.S. cities as part of a plan to expand the Crain brand nationwide as it approaches its 100th anniversary. (Crain's Detroit Business)


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