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To Hillary Clinton (And Others): 'Don't Fence Me In'
GRAPHIC A note from New York Press Club President, Steve Scott.

At a Fourth of July parade in New Hampshire, Hillary Clinton's campaign team literally corralled journalists, using a rope line to keep them away from the candidate as she marched along the parade route. Photos from the scene show reporters penned in by rope. CBS News reports Clinton aide Huma Abedin shouted, "Keep walking! Keep walking!" as journalists found themselves cordoned off from the candidate.

The New York Press Club condemns the ever-increasing practice of walling off journalists (figuratively and literally) from public figures at public events.

"There's a long history of journalists walking alongside candidates and officeholders in holiday parades," said Press Club President Steve Scott.

"Included in that long history is a tradition of unhindered, on-the-record press access to our public officials."

"As president of the New York Press Club, I make no comment about Hillary Clinton's candidacy. But, I do call on Mrs. Clinton and all candidates to provide journalists with the access they need to properly do their jobs."

"Incidents such as what happened at the New Hampshire parade give journalists one more question to ask, once they free themselves from their rope corral: 'Why fence us out?'"

Saturday, October 3rd
New York University - Kimmel Center
West 4th Street and LaGuardia Place
8:00 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Planning is underway for the New York Press Club Foundation's 23rd annual Conference on Journalism. Volunteers are welcomed to help us organize and execute this year's event. If you have or would like to gain experience in planning a major journalism event, give a shout!

Meantime, please save the date and plan to attend New York's most affordable, accessible and informative gathering of journalists, journalism students, academics, and those in the know. Conference details and program coming soon.

NY Life Journalism Conference underwriting provided by
New York Life Insurance Company
GRAPHIC Two $1,000 scholarships will be awarded this year to Student members of the New York Press Club at our Conference on Journalism. The scholarship program was recently renamed as "The Stan Brooks Memorial Scholarships" to commemorate the contributions to broadcast journalism made by the late 1010 WINS reporter and long time Press Club member.

Applications open mid-summer. Student members are invited to visit our Scholarship page for advance information. If you are not yet a Student Member, by all means consider joining.
GRAPHIC Established in 2008 on the Press Club's 60th birthday, the Hall of Fame honors journalists whose careers in New York media are exemplified by long tenure, integrity and extraordinary achievement. View the pantheon and send us your nomination! This year's inductee will be announced at our October 3rd Conference on Journalism.
GRAPHIC More than 100 photos from the recent Awards For Journalism Presentation Dinner are available for viewing in our online gallery. A great evening and quite the gala!

informed sources
Says it’s a ‘next-generation media company’. (Poynter)

Making it more difficult for hackers, government agencies and others to track the reading habits of people who visit the site. (Washington Post)

Fox News remained the overwhelming primetime choice for cable news viewers during a busy second quarter of this year. (Variety)

Arianna Huffington’s Improbable, Insatiable Content Machine. (New York Times Magazine)

The so-called Citizen Security Law makes it illegal to disseminate pictures, video and other content deemed “damaging” to Spain’s police and security forces. (CJR)

More than ever before, reporters are learning hybrid skills by using open-source storytelling tools, building data visualizations such as charts and maps, and using HTML and CSS skills to improve Web stories. (Poynter)

The Pulitzer Prize winner says he did not give Hillary Clinton any control over a profile he wrote about her, despite a State Department email indicating that he had promised to give her "a veto over content." (Politico)

Heavily in debt. (Washington Post)

Restructuring Gambit To Fix Budget Gap. (Deadline Hollywood)

It's a non-Olympic year but advertisers are also pulling back. (MediaLife)

Comcast has officially arrived in the city that never sleeps. (

Covering inequality in America. (New York Times)

‘We Couldn’t Hold The Five Hostage to One Man’s Personal Issues’. (TVNewser)

Announces 24-Hour Online Video Network. (Hollywood Reporter)

Co-wrote the popular New York Daily News “People Page” for 15 years and was on a first-name basis with powerful pols, celebrities, and even the Polish Pope. Tom was a member, past president and governor of The New York Press Club. (New York Daily News)

Inspired by Serial, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution will produce Breakdown. (ijnet)

Print is a more powerful medium than most people realise. (The Newspaper Works)

Over the course of a decade, projects financed by the World Bank physically or economically displaced an estimated 3.4 million people, the reporting team found. (Poynter)

Lady Grey-Thompson says executives who do not help to deliver change at corporation should be fired. (The Guardian)

An institutional mindset has been tweaked: All last week, the New York Times blocked access within its building to the paper’s desktop homepage, forcing employees to check their mobile devices. (Washington Post)

Sound less like a journalist. (API)

The Supreme Court of the United States briefly removed media interns from its press room on Monday after a CNN intern was caught recording video footage with a GoPro camera that he had strapped to his chest. (Politico)

Quest To Save Nonpartisan Political Journalism. (Huffington Post)

Mission is to collaborate with journalists and entrepreneurs to help build the future of media. (Google)


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