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04/02/2014 -- The Evolution and Future of Food Journalism
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02/06/2014 -- The Digital Newsroom - An Exploration
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12/09/2013 -- 2013 NY Press Club Foundation Holiday Party
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10/05/2013 -- 2013 Conference on Journalism
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06/10/2013 -- 2013 Awards For Journalism
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02/19/2013 -- Remembering Ed Koch
02/06/2013 -- Year of the Snake Briefing and Bash
01/30/2013 -- Covering Superstorm Sandy
12/03/2012 -- 2012 NY Press Club Foundation Holiday Party
09/20/2012 -- An Evening With Marty Appel
09/29/2012 -- 2012 New York Press Club Foundation Conference on Journalism
09/20/2012 -- An Evening With Pete Hamill
06/11/2012 -- 2012 New York Press Club Awards For Journalism
04/18/2012 -- An Evening With John Miller, CBS News Senior Correspondent
03/13/2012 -- Police Suppression of Working Journalists
Most New York Press Club events featuring special guests are held at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism in Manhattan. The Club is grateful for CUNY's hospitality and for the A/V services it provides to memorialize our guest appearances.
02/06/2014 -- The Digital Newsroom - An Exploration
Panel of thought leaders who discuss the differences in the reporting process between "traditional" and digital newsrooms and how these days, social media sites are used in gathering information.
10/05/2013 -- Keynote Address, Press Club Foundation Conference on Journalism
Keynote speaker Ben Smith, Editor in Chief of BuzzFeed, at the 2013 New York Press Club Foundation's Conference on Journalism. Focus is on the changes that have revolutionized the business and practice of journalism. Video by C-SPAN.
10/05/2013 -- Plenary Panel, Press Club Foundation Conference on Journalism
Plenary session: "Social Media Wake-up Call" - Moderator: Sree Sreenavasian, Chief Digital Officer, Met. Museum of Art. Participants included Greg Galant, MuckRack; Stephanie Haberman, NBC; Meghan Peters, Facebook; Carla Zanoni, New York social media editor. Video by C-SPAN.
06/25/2013 -- Assault on The First Amendment
A discussion of the significant free press issues to emerge from the governmment's deep dive into private, domestic communication and its fishing expeditions into telephone records at the Associated Press and Fox News.
06/10/2013 -- Trailer: 2013 Awards for Journalism Dinner
Two-minute trailer from the June 10th presentation dinner at the Water Club featuring many who attended this year's New York Press Club awards for journalism.
04/17/2013 -- An Evening With Alan Rusbridger, The Guardian
New York Press Club president, Larry Seary, talks with Alan Rusbridger, editor of The Guardian, about how Mr. Rusbridger is addressing The Guardian's economic challenges, his NYC-based online news project and his support of an editorial technique called open journalism.
04/02/2013 -- An Evening With Hugo Lindgren, NY Times Magazine
The Future of Long-Form Journalism - moderator Stephen Shepard (Founding Dean, CUNY Graduate School of Journalism) talks with Hugo Lindgren, editor, New York Times Magazine about long-form journalism and its future.
09/29/2012 -- 2012 Press Club Foundation Conference on Journalism

Plenary session: "Is This Any Way to Run an Election?"
Moderator James Klurfeld (Stony Brook University) leads a distinguished panel in an analysis of the 2012 presidential election coverage.

Participants included Amy Davidson (The New Yorker), Ellis Henican (Fox News & Newsday), Michael Howe (The 4th Estate Project), Greg Marx (Columbia Journalism Review), Anna Sale (WNYC Radio).

Runs (1:24:00). Click to see the discussion in the C-SPAN Video Archive.
11/14/2011 -- Assessing the Press & "Occupy Wall Street"
A panel discussion of issues related to the "OWS" phenomenon including the response so far by NYC government and police, the monopolization of a privately owned public space, and the impact of the "OWS" siege on neighborhood businesses and residents.
05/25/2011 -- An Evening With Shepard Smith, FOX News Channel
Shepard Smith, anchor of "The FOX Report" and "Studio B with Shepard Smith" was a featured guest of the New York Press Club in a Q&A session held at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, moderated by former Press Club president, WCBS Newsradio 880 reporter, Rich Lamb.
04/12/2011 -- An Evening With Jimmy Breslin
Pulitzer Prize winning columnist Jimmy Breslin appeared at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism in a program moderated by Tom Robbins, recently appointed by the school as investigative reporter in residence.
03/21/2011 -- An Evening With Ayman Mohyeldin of Al Jazeera English
Cairo-based Ayman Mohyeldin shares his experiences covering the popular uprising in Egypt that brought down Hosni Mubarak. Stephanie Gaskell, founder and editor of The War Report moderated the discussion, held at the CUNY Macaulay Honors College in Manhattan.
03/03/2011 -- An Evening With Bill Keller of the New York Times
New York Times Executive Editor Bill Keller, in conversation with Brooke Gladstone (NPR's On the Media) touched on a wide range of media issues including the paper's imminent "pay wall" and some musings about Fox News.
01/19/2011 -- An Evening With Mayor Ed Koch
New York City's inimitable former mayor and congressman in conversation with Press Club member and Metro Networks reporter, Mitch Lebe.
12/01/2010 -- An Evening With Governor David Paterson
Nearing the end of his unexpected term as governor of New York, David Paterson assesses the highs and lows of his administration in his characteristic self-effacing and often humorous way. Press Club member and WCBS Newsradio reporter, Rich Lamb, moderates the discussion.
11/04/2010 -- An Evening With Ken Auletta
The author of eleven books, including five national bestsellers, Ken Auletta is acknowledged as a premier chronicler of the media industry. He talks with Jessica Vascellaro, Press Club member and deputy chief of the Wall Street Journal's Media and Marketing bureau about the impact of transformative technologies.
10/09/2010 -- Paul Krugman, Journalism Conference Keynote
Economist Paul Krugman's keynote address at the 18th annual New York Press Club Foundation Conference on Journmalism at NYU.
09/21/2010 -- An Evening With Jere Van Dyk
A writer and reporter whose work has been carried by among others, The New York Times, CBS, NPR, and National Geographic, Van Dyk in 2008 was abducted by the Taliban in a border region separating Afghanistan and Pakistan and held for 45-days. He talks about the ordeal with with moderator, Mitch Lebe.


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